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A computer controlled rolling mill is described wherein the force (or power) model in the computer is stored as dual curves, i.e., (a) shaping curves wherein the ratio of the force required for actual rolling conditions relative to the force required for a chosen draft is plotted against elongation, and (b) magnitude curves wherein the force required for the chosen draft is plotted against inverse output thickness from the mill with each point of the magnitude curves having an associated stored temperature value. The arithmetic produce of the force ratio required for a desired elongation and the force magnitude for a desired output thickness (when corrected for width, hardness and temperature of the metal being rolled) provides the force required for the stand. Because the force ratio is normalized with respect to a chosen percentage draft, accurate adaptive updating of the process representation can be achieved conveniently by altering only the magnitude curves.

Computer controlled rolling mill
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November 19, 1971
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January 30, 1973
Spradlin Louis W
General Electric Co
B21b 37/00
B21B 37/16
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