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Provided is an apparatus for manually or automatically dispensing articles. The apparatus is especially useful for dispensing large bags of ice and generally comprises at least two drums having a common vertical axis about which the drums rotate. Each drum is provided with a plurality of radially extending compartments about its periphery. A stationary shelf is located below the compartments of each drum for retaining the articles in the compartments. When the drums rotate the articles located in the compartments slide along the shelf. Each shelf is provided with an opening vertically aligned with the openings of all other shelves, such that when a compartment containing an article is caused by drum rotation to pass over the opening, the article is dispensed from the apparatus. The drums are rotated by a rotatable vertical shaft extending along the common vertical axis of the drums. The vertical shaft, however, is only directly connected to the uppermost drum. Dispensing starts with the rotation of the uppermost drum only, which drum upon becoming empty, engages the next lower drum whereupon continued rotation of the uppermost drum by the rotatable vertical shaft also causes this next lower drum to rotate and dispense. Like engagement of each empty upper drum with its lower drum continues until the apparatus is empty of articles.

Article dispensing apparatus and methods
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April 26, 1971
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January 23, 1973
Holt Wythe W
G07f 11/54
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G07F 11/46
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