3709556 is referenced by 67 patents and cites 7 patents.

A holder for containers of liquids for intravenous feedings for attachment to portable patient conveyances such as wheel chairs and gurneys consisting of an elongated tubular base, brackets for attachment to the frame of the conveyance, a plurality of elongated tubular extension members arranged for telescoping registration within the base and a hook shaped member mounted on the distal end of the uppermost telescoping member for holding the intravenous feeding container.

Telescoping i v pole attachment and wheel chairs
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October 16, 1970
Publication Date
January 9, 1973
Allard Charles D
Allard Eugene R
A47c 07/62
A61M 05/14
A61G 05/00
A61G 07/05
A61G 05/10
A47C 07/62
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