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A single anchor leg single point mooring and cargo handling system for seagoing ships is provided which comprises a mooring buoy anchored to a mooring foundation by anchor means such as a chain having little or no slack or an articulated rigid member (e.g. pipe, solid bar, etc.), cargo handling facilities extending between the mooring foundation and the mooring buoy, or alternatively directly between the mooring foundation and the ship to be loaded or unloaded, means for permitting the buoy to freely rotate, and restraint means for preventing entanglement of the cargo handling facilities and the anchor chain.

Single anchor leg single point mooring system
Application Number
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January 6, 1971
Publication Date
January 9, 1973
Flory John F
Esso Research and Engineering Company
D06p 03/00
B63B 22/02
B63B 22/00
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