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A check-out counter for use in retail stores and including an automatic bag opening mechanism. The check-out counter consists of two counters arranged in a generally T-shaped configuration. A bag loading recess is formed in one of the counters at the intersection of the two counters and the bag opening mechanism is adapted to locate an open bag in the bag opening recess. The counter also includes a cash register support which is mounted for movement between two positions relative to one of the counters so that the check-out counter itself may be operated by one or two operators. Bag storage means is formed in one of the counters on one side of the recess and the bag opening means includes a clamping mechanism which is movably mounted in the counter in the opposite side of the recess for movement across the recess to grip the edge of a bag located in the bag storage means and back across the recess to locate the bag in a vertically disposed open configuration.

Check-out counter
Application Number
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March 11, 1971
Publication Date
January 2, 1973
Cole Edmund A
Peters Ernest C
B65b 67/12
B65b 67/04
B65B 43/28
B65B 43/26
A47F 09/04
A47F 09/00
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