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A fork attachment for a loader bucket comprising a plurality of spaced apart teeth having a transverse plate means secured thereto rearwardly of the forward ends thereof. The plate means includes a rearwardly extending plate portion which is spaced above the teeth. An elongated angle member is secured to the rearward ends of the teeth and has a pair of chain tightener elements secured thereto. The attachment is secured to the loader bucket by driving the loader forwardly so that the leading edge of the bucket bottom is received beneath the plate portion to secure the forward end of the bucket to the attachment. The chain tightener elements are then secured to the upper rearward portion of the loader bucket to secure the rearward end of the attachment to the bucket.Material handling devices such as front-end loaders, tractor loaders, etc., generally have a pair of pivotal booms provided thereon to which various attachments are secured. Many tractor loaders are used by ranchers and farmers to handle material such as dirt, gravel, etc. A bucket attachment is secured to the booms when the loader is being used for dirt, gravel, and similar materials. It is necessary to replace the bucket attachment with a fork attachment when materials such as manure, ensilage and the like are going to be handled since the conventional bucket attachment cannot adequately handle the material. The replacement of the fork attachment for the bucket attachment is time consuming and requires that a separate fork attachment be purchased even though the fork and bucket attachments are somewhat similar in design.

Fork attachment for a loader bucket
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January 21, 1971
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December 19, 1972
Westendorf Walter J
B66f 09/12
E02F 03/40
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