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A line drive steam injection process in a dipping formation is improved by injecting steam into a row of up-dip wells and producing oil from two or more rows of down-dip wells. After steam breaks through into the first row of down-dip producing wells, steam injection is stopped in the up-dip wells and steam injection is initiated in the row of down-dip wells into which steam has broken through. Simultaneously, a non-condensing gas is injected into the up-dip wells to prevent upward migration into the segment of the formation contacted by steam injected through the original up-dip injectors of steam injected into the new row of down-dip injectors.

Steam drive oil recovery process
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October 22, 1971
Publication Date
December 12, 1972
Vanmeurs Peter
Whitten Derrill Gene
Shell Oil Company
E21b 43/24
E21B 43/24
E21B 43/16
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