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An outdoor, lighted, artificial Christmas tree decoration comprising a skeleton structure of tubular members having a vertical main support trunk and a plurality of horizontal tubular branch members radially extending outwardly from the main trunk, the trunk and the tubular branch members being detachably secured to an annular hub having included therein securing means for removably securing a plurality of downwardly depending support legs from the hub, whereby the artificial tree can be rigidly attached to a base by means of the support legs. Disposed at the upper end of the main trunk is an electrical junction box in which a plurality of downwardly-extending electrical wires are operably connected to an inlet line, the wires being removably attached at respective ends of the branch members which include clamping means fixed thereon, whereby the free ends of each wire extend horizontally to the adjacent branch member and are secured thereto. The electrical wires are provided with evenly spaced light sockets and lights which are lit when the inlet line is operably connected to a commonly used electric power source.

Outdoor lighted artificial christmas tree
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September 3, 1971
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November 28, 1972
Soja Joseph
Korb Lawrence J
A47g 33/06
F21p 01/02
F21S 08/00
A47G 33/06
A47G 33/00
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