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A combination slit lamp and laser photocoagulator for treating eye disorders in which the laser is coupled to the slit lamp through an articulated arm. The slit lamp optics are arranged such that the laser beam is always in focus at the focus of the slit lamp and one lens in the laser optics is movable so as to vary the point on the eye where the laser impinges. A shutter blocks most of the laser output but permits a small amount to pass for alignment purposes. Means are provided to vary the power of the laser beam which is applied to the eye and indicating means are provided to indicate the amount of power. Means are also provided for varying the spot size of the laser where it impinges upon the eye.

Slit lamp photocoagulator
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
May 28, 1970
Publication Date
November 21, 1972
Alterton Lloyd E
Peppers Norman A
Zweng Harold C
Vassiliadis Arthur
Stanford University
Stanford Research Institute
A61n 05/01
A61F 09/08
A61F 09/07
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