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A device for displaying digital information in the form of characters on a television screen comprising a circulation memory in which the information for a line of characters circulates and in which during the display on a screen of a normal television monitor the information of the characters for a line is available per picture line at the output of the circulation memory for forming in a character generator control signals for producing dots on the television screen dependent upon the parts of the characters to be displayed on one line and coinciding with the picture line to be written at that instant, and in which during a space time between lines of characters the circulation memory is provided with information for a following line of characters from a buffer memory.

Character display device for television monitor
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
February 14, 1969
Publication Date
October 31, 1972
Houterman Jan Allaart Emmasingel
Frank R Trifari
US Philips Corporation New York NY
G06f 03/14
G09G 05/22
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