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An angiographic injector control system for delivering a controlled volume of injection fluid is described. The injector has a motor driven piston for ejecting fluid from a syringe cartridge contained within a pressure jacket. The drive motor is operated in accordance with a command voltage corresponding to an incremental position of the injector piston, the command position signal also corresponding to the volume of fluid to be ejected from the cartridge. This command position voltage signal is compared to an actual position voltage to produce an error signal for operating the drive motor, whereby the syringe piston follows the position command signal. Volume selector means produce a volume signal corresponding to a desired maximum volume of fluid to be ejected; this volume signal is compared to the sum of the position command increments, producing a stop signal when the position command signal equals or exceeds the volume limit signal. Thus, the injector control system regulates the injection of fluid by sensing and controlling the position of the injector piston.

Angiographic injector equipment
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September 29, 1970
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October 31, 1972
Jones Donald
Kranys Rudolph J
Heilman Marlin S
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