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A spectrometer and method of spectroscopic analysis for providing spectral data concerning a scene by collecting and collimating radiation from the scene to provide a radiation beam dispersing the radiation of the beam into a spectrum, forming a focused image of the spectrum, scanning the spectrum image in rapid succession by multiple narrow radiation receiving areas, and generating an electrical output representing the radiant flux incident on each area during its relative scanning movement along the image. The spectrometer may be equipped with means for mounting radiation filters over selected radiation receiving areas to provide information concerning selected characteristics, such as relative polarization, of the radiation from the spectrum image and for mounting narrow band-pass calibration filters over alternate radiation receiving area to permit calibration of the spectral data obtained from the scene.

Spectrometer with rotary scanning disc and method of spectroscopic analysis
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December 29, 1969
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October 24, 1972
White Peter G
G01j 03/12
G01j 03/42
G01J 03/28
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