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Waste fluid absorption devices, including sanitary napkins, tampons and baby diapers, comprising coplanar multiple ply of thin absorbent tissue paper, are impregnated in selected exterior border areas with non-toxic, waste fluid repellant compositions. The repellant compositions are applied in the minimum concentrations necessary, and produce separate and discrete tissue paper plies which are not easily wet by menstrual and urine fluids. Sanitary napkins comprising coplanar multiple ply of tissue paper disposed in an elongated pattern are impregnated at the exterior border planar area of the napkin, typically for a border area of 1/8-1/4 inch width disposed around the menstrual fluid absorptive section. A menstrual tampon comprises coplanar multiple plies of absorbent tissue paper formed into a compressed cylindrical tampon. The tampon end opposite the insertion end of the tampon is impregnated with a menstrual fluid repellant composition, in a concentration sufficient to prevent menstrual fluid flow through the interstices of paper plies of the tampon. The baby diaper is impregnated along the absorbent pad diaper edges.

Waste fluid flow control element
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August 14, 1970
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September 26, 1972
Jones Sr John Leslie
A61f 13/16
A61F 13/56
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/20
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