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An implantable spinal stabilizing device, developed initially for correcting and maintaining the correction of scoliotic curves, but also useful for fixing spinal fractures and dislocations, involves a pair of spaced parallel rigid bars, each bar having a succession of apertures. The bars are located on opposite sides of the spinous processes, between the spinous and respective transverse processes, and held in this location by tape laced through the bar apertures and around the spinous laminae or transverse processes. The tape is tensioned and secured by plugs in the relevant apertures, and the overall assembly serves to stabilize the spine in a required configuration.

Device for correcting scoliotic curves
Application Number
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June 23, 1971
Publication Date
September 26, 1972
Wright John Thomas Matthew
Roaf Robert
A61f 05/00
A61B 17/70
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