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A surgical apparatus for suturing tissues with staples, comprising a support housing having an open longitudinal cavity wherein slidable rods of the staple housing and pusher are accommodated. The staple housing has a head provided with a socket in which a magazine with staples is entirely inserted. The staple housing and the pusher are provided with screw drives to axially shift them relative to the support housing.The apparatus also comprises a limit strip capable of retaining the magazine when it is completely pushed into the socket and holding the tissue being sutured. The limit strip interacts with the nut of the drive of the staple housing, whereby the drive of the pusher is blocked with the drive of the staple housing in such a manner that a predetermined sequence of actions is provided during the operation of the apparatus. In accordance with this sequence, the staple housing can move only after the magazine is completely pushed into the socket of the staple housing, and the pusher can displace only after the staple housing has defined for a maximal suturing gap between the working surface of the magazine and the die.

Surgical apparatus for suturing tissue with staples
Application Number
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October 15, 1970
Publication Date
September 19, 1972
Ozhgikhin Anatoly Nikolaevich
Korolkov Ivan Alexandrovich
Astafiev Georgy Vasilievich
B25c 05/02
A61B 17/04
A61B 17/68
A61B 17/72
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