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Infusible, solvent-dispersible, solvent-insoluble, inherently tacky, elastomeric copolymer microspheres consist essentially of about 90 percent to about 99.5 percent by weight of at least one alkyl acrylate ester and about 10 to about 0.5 percent by weight of at least one monomer selected from the group consisting of substantially oil-insoluble, water-soluble, ionic monomers and maleic anhydride. The microspheres are prepared by aqueous suspension polymerization utilizing emulsifier in an amount greater than the critical micelle concentration in the absence of externally added protective colloids or the like. 19 Claims, No Drawings

Acrylate copolymer microspheres
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March 9, 1970
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September 12, 1972
Spencer Ferguson Silver 3 M Center
Kinney Alexander Sell Steldt & Delahunt
C08f 15/26
C08F 220/18
C08F 220/00
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