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The cabinet unit comprises a movable frame that nests within a stationary frame comprising a head plate and a base plate extending forwardly from an upright plate. A door is pivotally secured to the forward end of the base plate so as to be movable between an upright and a prone position, and the door, the head plate, and the base plate all include means for guiding the displacement of the movable frame. In the upright position, the door serves to partially enclose the movable frame, and in the prone position, the door lies in the same plane as the base plate and serves as a platform onto which the movable frame is displaceable. Carriers for banks of electrical components are mounted on the movable frame, and with the movable frame positioned on the door, the entire perimeter of the frame is accessible for installation and service of the components supported by the carriers.

Cabinet unit employing a frame which can be moved out of a stationary frame
Application Number
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April 21, 1971
Publication Date
September 5, 1972
Joseph Anthony Puccio
Karl Heinz Pohl
Edwin Harley Borchard
John Andreini
Edwin B Cave
R J Guenther
Bell Telephone Laboratories
A47b 88/00
H05K 07/18
A47B 49/00
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