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The radiant tube assembly includes a refractory or metal outer tube having a closed end and a concentric metal inner tube spaced therefrom to define an elongated, annular chamber between the two tubes. The inner tube has a plurality of apertures substantially along the length thereof and a restricted opening at the end thereof which communicate with the annular chamber. The inner tube cooperates with a burner and the outer tube cooperates with a discharge means at the burner end of the assembly. Products of combustion only and not flame exit from the inner tube through the various apertures and opening and circulate through the annular chamber and then exit through the discharge means.

Radiant tube assembly
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December 9, 1970
Publication Date
September 5, 1972
Walter Rudin
Webb Burden Robinson & Webb
Bloom Engineering Company
F24c 03/00
F23C 03/00
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