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A unitary elongated strip of thermoplastic material, for example of polypropylene is formed with a pair of living hinges separating the strip into a central base portion and a pair of upstanding portions; the strip is reinforced by means of angles, ribs, or the like, or of sufficient thickness to be stable when erected and support a small polyethylene bag having its mouth folded over the edges of the support sections; interengaging latches are provided to maintain the supports upright and extended away from the base; when swung over the living hinges, the stiffening ribs, angles or material thicknesses are so arranged that they will fit into each other to enable flat folding of the frame.

Foldable support for limp plastic bags
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August 19, 1970
Publication Date
August 29, 1972
Lake Connie
Mobil Oil Corporation
B65b 67/12
B65B 67/12
B65B 67/00
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