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Retroreflective material is provided by a composite synthetic plastic structure having a body portion with one smooth surface and another surface from which project a multiplicity of separately formed, minute cube corner formations having a side edge dimension of less than 0.025 inch. The cube corner formations may have a reflective coating thereon, and an adhesive layer and release paper to permit facile mounting on a support surface. Light rays entering through the smooth surface pass into the cube corner formations and are reflected back substantially parallel to the path of entry.In the method of making the composite material, a fluid molding material is deposited on a molding surface having cube corner recesses and a preformed body member is applied thereto. The molding material is then hardened and bonded to the body member.

Retroreflective material
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September 29, 1970
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August 15, 1972
Rowland William P
Rowland Development Corporation
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G02B 05/124
G02B 05/12
B29D 11/00
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