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A method is disclosed for manufacturing a composite structure such as a printed circuit board comprised of a pattern of foil strips bonded to an underlying support. Initially, the method comprises the step of placing a continuous uninterrupted layer of die material face-to-face with a flat integral base in a press. A sheet of foil is arranged opposite the foregoing assembly in the press, with a layer of unactivated adhesive material interposed between the foil and the base, and the foil is stamped directly against the opposite face of either the layer of die material or the base, while the layer of die material is compressible in relation to the base without undergoing substantial lateral deformation. The stamping operation is carried out with a stamp having a raised surface thereon which is substantially flat and corresponds in profile width and outline with the pattern of strips, and with a stroke which displaces those portions of the die material lying relatively opposite the surface of the stamp, but which does not compress those portions of the adhesive and die material relatively surrounding the outline of the surface. As a result, shear forces are generated between the respective stamped and unstamped die portions without activating the unstamped adhesive portions. The shear forces separate the pattern of strips from the unstamped foil, and the strips are bonded to either the layer of die material or the base, depending on the level at which the stamp's stroke is bottomed in the assembly. Since the unstamped adhesive material is unactivated, the unstamped foil and adhesive material is easily relatively removed from the assembly to expose the pattern of strips.

Method of contemporaneously shearing and bonding conductive foil to a substrate
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September 25, 1969
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July 25, 1972
Wildebour Charles W
Weglin Walter
H41m 03/08
H05K 03/38
H05K 03/02
H05K 03/04
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