3677250 is referenced by 231 patents and cites 7 patents.

Adhesive tape for anchoring to a given substrate, elongated members such as surgical tubing or the like, consisting of at least one anchoring tab portion with strap means extending from the tab portion for wrapped engagement with the tubing; the strap means being connected to the tab portion in a manner to prevent peeling and separation of the tab portion from the substrate upon tensioning of the strap means; the tape being selectively used in a manner to (1) restrain the tubing against both lateral and longitudinal movement relative to the substrate; or (2) restrain the tubing only against lateral movement while permitting longitudinal movement relative to the substrate.

Tabbed anchoring tape means
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February 11, 1971
Publication Date
July 18, 1972
Thomas Morton I
A61m 25/02
A61M 25/02
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