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The apparatus includes cooperating tufting needles, pile formers and latch needles for forming pile tufts on a backing fabric while positioning small locking threads through lower bight portions on the tufts being formed to secure them to the backing fabric. To permit the use of less pile yarn for obtaining any given height of pile on the upper face of the backing fabric, the tufting yarns are under relatively high tension so that they are drawn upwardly relative to the backing fabric and so that portions of the locking threads passing through the lower bight portions are displaced upwardly into the backing fabric. Also, novel means are provided for guiding the locking threads into the hooks of the latch needles each time they enter through the tuft lower bight portions so that the latch needles will draw corresponding stitches of lockin thread through the respective lower bight portions.

Apparatus for making tufted fabrics
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
January 29, 1971
Publication Date
July 18, 1972
Troy James E
MacIsaac Jr John T
Fieldcrest Mills
D05c 15/22
D05C 15/22
D05C 15/00
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