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A connector box for connecting the individual electrodes of a plurality of coaxial cables and especially useful as a splitter box for a television antenna lead-in comprises a two-part casing. Mating upper and lower casing members are cast with corresponding semi-cylindrical out-ward extensions which fit together when the two casing members are placed face to face to provide externally threaded tubular extensions onto which internally threaded collars of coaxial cable connectors can be screwed in turn to clamp such two casing members firmly together. Sleeve connectors are provided within the tubular extensions for effecting electrical connection to the core electrodes of the cables while connection between the sheath electrodes of the cables is usefully effected through the metallic casing of the connector box.

Signal splitter
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August 10, 1970
Publication Date
July 11, 1972
Pennypacker Frank Chester
Lindsay Specialty Products
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H01p 05/12
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