3676387 is referenced by 78 patents and cites 2 patents.

A highly elastic synthetic polymer-oil combination meltable at high temperatures for casting from a liquid state, comprising 5 to 30 percent by weight of an unvulcanized elastomeric block copolymer composed of terminal glassy or resinous polymer blocks and a central elastomeric polymer block, and 70 to 95 percent by weight of a stable paraffin oil of low volatility and which has a flash point in excess of the melting temperature of the gel.

Stable elastomeric polymer-oil combinations
Application Number
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December 21, 1970
Publication Date
July 11, 1972
Lindlof James A
Minnesota Mining and Manfacturing Company
C08f 47/00
C08k 01/28
C08d 13/22
C08K 05/01
C08K 05/00
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