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An artificial heart valve for implantation in close proximity to a malfunctioning or damaged natural aortic or mitral heart valve by remote means without performing an open chest or other major surgical operation. The artificial heart valve comprises a flexible membrane in the form of an umbrella in that the apex of the umbrella resides in the direction that blood flow is to be periodically prevented while the distal end opens sufficiently to contact the inner walls of the vessel to prevent the reverse flow of blood and the membrane collapses about the axis of the umbrella to allow the forward flow of blood.

Catheter mounted artificial heart valve for implanting in close proximity to a defective natural heart valve
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September 23, 1969
Publication Date
June 27, 1972
Moulopoulos Spyridon
The University of Utah
A61b 05/02
A61f 01/22
A61F 02/24
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