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A connector for attachment to the end of a coaxial cable having an axial core electrode and an outer conductive sheath electrode includes a sheath-gripping ferrule and a collet sleeve for gripping an exposed forward end portion of the core electrode. The ferrule and the collet sleeve are disposed within a tubular housing and a plug bolt is threaded into the rearward end of the connector for tightening both the ferrule and the collet sleeve radially inwardly against the electrodes. Forward axial movement of the plug bolt is converted to forward and radially inward movement of the sheath-gripping ferrule through a first pair of co-acting frusto-conical cam surfaces and the resulting movement of the ferrule is operative through at least one second pair of frusto-conical cam surfaces to cause radially inward compression of the collet sleeve onto the exposed forward end portion of the core electrode.

Coaxial cable connector
Application Number
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August 3, 1970
Publication Date
June 20, 1972
Zdenek Nepovim Lindsay
Frank I Piper
Arne I Fors
Lindsay Specialty Products
H01r 07/06
H01r 17/04
H01R 09/05
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