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A window having a rocking-swinging leaf which can be displaced horizontally in its plane within the fixed window-casing by means of a control system and can be brought by translational motion from a so-called 'rocking' position in which the leaf is opened in a bellows-type movement to a so-called 'swinging' position in which the leaf is opened as a casement window. The control system comprises a rotatable operating handle which is mounted on the leaf and adapted to displace a sliding bolt which can be detachably secured to the fixed window-casing. The control system and ancillary devices for attaching the leaf to the casing are so arranged as to permit translational motion of the leaf in the plane of the casing between any one of three positions, namely the closed position, the 'rocking' position and the 'swinging' position. The centralized control of the leaf from a handle which is carried by this latter permits considerable simplification of the guiding means while the motion-transmission means are constituted in addition to the sliding bolt and ancillaries by the leaf itself.

Rocking-swinging window leaf
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October 30, 1970
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June 6, 1972
Lalague Christian
Boussois Souchon Neuvesel
E05d 15/52
E06B 03/34
E06B 03/02
E06B 03/32
E05D 15/52
E05D 15/48
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