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The present invention provides a method of producing excellent crimped fibers, in which artificial fibers are subjected to mechanical crimping, enveloped in a crimped state in a wrapping under tension, and are passed through a high temperature pressurized saturated steam chamber at the annealing temperature of the fibers. The crimps are permanently fixed by the effect of moisture and heat under a lateral pressure. The resulting fibers, when made into an end product, have a high degree of crimp recovery upon reheating in the finishing process, even if the crimps have been straightened by processing in air before finishing operation.

Method for heat-setting of crimps of artificial filament tows
Application Number
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May 27, 1970
Publication Date
June 6, 1972
Yazawa Masahide
Polymer Processing Research Institute
D02g 01/12
D02G 01/12
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