3667069 is referenced by 63 patents and cites 3 patents.

An implantable jet pump cardiac replacement device and method for replacing or assisting the right heart. The jet pump device is an elongated tubular structure including an upstream driving nozzle from which a driving flow of arterial blood under pressure is ejected into a suction nozzle creating a zone of reduced pressure to cause venous blood to be sucked into and admixed with the driving flow for distribution to the pulmonary circulation system. The pump may be powered by blood pumped by the left heart or an artificial replacement for the left heart.

Jet pump cardiac replacement and assist device and method of at least partially replacing a disabled right heart
Application Number
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March 27, 1970
Publication Date
June 6, 1972
Nicoloff Demetre M
Dorman Frank D
Forstrom Richard J
Blackshear Perry L
The Regents of the University of Minnesota
F04f 05/44
F04f 05/36
F04f 05/00
A61f 01/24
A61M 01/12
A61M 01/10
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