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This invention relates to an acrylic composition; a process for obtaining the acrylic composition; to the use of such composition to remove and/or inhibit scale formation in water treatment apparatuses, oil and gas wells, producing formations, and other scale containing or attracting surfaces. Said novel composition is formed from about 80 to 90 parts by weight acrylic acid, about 7 to 15 parts by weight thioglycolic acid, and about 1.5 to 5 parts by weight ammonium persulfate.

Acrylic composition for water treatment and process for making same
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August 18, 1969
Publication Date
May 23, 1972
Thaemar Marvin O
Cizek Arthur
Rice Herbert L
Milchem Incorporated
C07c 153/00
C08F 220/06
C08F 220/00
C02F 05/10
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