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In an electric cable provided with a plastic sheath and an insulating layer consisting of polyolefin series resin applied directly or with the aid of other insulating layer on the copper conductor, polyolefin-series resin insulated electric cable provided in a desired position with a sulfide-capture layer consisting of a polyolefin-series resin composition incorporated with such powder of metals, salts of the metals, or the mixture thereof as to form water-insoluble metal sulfides by reacting with water soluble sulfides.

Method of mitigating sulfide trees in polyolefin insulated conductors
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October 2, 1970
Publication Date
May 16, 1972
Fukuda Teruo
Nagai Hiroshi
Hasebe Morikuni
The Furukawa Electric
H01b 07/02
H01B 03/30
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