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Subterranean carbonaceous deposits, such as oil shale, are conditioned for in-situ recovery of carbonaceous values by limited undercutting over a large area to leave an overlaying deposit supported by a multiplicity of pillars, if necessary, then removing the pillars and expanding the overlaying deposit to fill the entire void with particles of a uniform size, porosity and permeability. Communication is then established with the upper level of the expanded deposit and a high temperature gaseous media which will liquify or vaporize the carbonaceous values is introduced in a manner which causes the released values to flow downward for collection at the base of the expanded deposit. Convenient media are hot flue gases created by igniting the upper level of the expanded carbonaceous deposit and forcing a flow of hot gases downward through the expanded deposit.

In situ process for recovery of carbonaceous materials from subterranean deposits
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February 12, 1970
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May 9, 1972
Garret Donald E
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
E21b 43/26
E21B 43/247
E21B 43/16
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