3658064 is referenced by 96 patents and cites 11 patents.

A baby diaper retaining garment and disposable flushable pads for use therewith, the pad having exposed at least the central portion of one face of the layer of absorbent material to render it readily flushable upon exposure to a liquid, and the garment having spaced pockets for retaining ends of such a pad therein and elasticized edge portions forming a waterproof pouch or channel for holding the pad adjacent the perineal region of a wearer.

Disposable diapers and supporting garment therefor
Application Number
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January 21, 1971
Publication Date
April 25, 1972
Pociluyko Alexander
Scott Paper Company
A61f 13/16
A61F 13/76
A61F 13/15
A61F 13/56
A41B 13/04
A41B 13/00
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