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An earth boring drill bit employing roller cutters is provided with an improved seal for inhibiting ingress of abrasive materials into the bearing surfaces and egress of lubricant. The improved seal is between an outwardly facing re-entrant corner on the journal and an inwardly facing re-entrant corner on the cutter. The seal is made by a pair of O-rings engaging the opposed re-entrant corners and separated by a floating rigid ring having opposed bearing surfaces for seating the O-rings into the corners. This seal accommodates radial, axial, and angular displacements of almost twice the magnitude that can be accommodated by a single O-ring of the size of one of the O-rings without significantly increasing the length of journal needed for the seal.

Drill bit seal assembly
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August 31, 1970
Publication Date
April 18, 1972
Robinson William P
F16j 15/16
F16C 33/72
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