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An improvement in the grommet construction shown in U.S. Pat. No. 3,182,119 wherein an elastomeric body is formed with an opening having a sealing surface for engaging a member to be supported by the grommet with a base member of non-elastomeric material embedded in the elastomeric body and having a plurality of integral fingers projecting from one side of the elastomeric body for retaining the grommet on a panel having an opening to be sealed by the grommet. In the improvement, each of the fingers has a resilient locking tang struck therefrom which extends outwardly from the respective finger and projects away from the outer end of the respective finger toward the elastomeric body, the tang being resiliently deflectable toward its respective finger when the finger is inserted in a panel opening until the free end clears the opening and snaps into engagement with the opposite side of the panel from the elastomeric body to secure the grommet to the panel and hold the elastomeric body in sealing engagement with the panel.

Grommet construction
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June 1, 1970
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April 4, 1972
Rubright Phillip L
Arco Industries Corporation
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