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A semiconductor photoelectric generator is formed of semiconductor photoelectric converters united into a solid-state matrix, each converter having the shape of a microminiature parallelepiped and containing; an alloy region; a base region; at least one P-N junction making an angle with an operating surface of the generator exposed to radiation; a metallic conductor on at least one of said regions making the same angle with the operative surface as the P-N junction and deposited all over the parallelepiped-surface uniting the parallelepipeds of the converters into a matrix; and wherein the width of a microminiature parallelepiped is approximately equal to the diffusion length of minority carriers in said base region.

Semiconductor photoelectric generator
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
July 9, 1969
Publication Date
April 4, 1972
Kosarev Viktor Sergeevich
Zadde Vitaly Viktorovich
Zaitseva Aita Konstantinovna
Strebkov Dmitry Semenovich
Landsman Arkady Pavovich
Lidorenko Nikolai Stepanovich
H01l 15/02
H01L 31/00
H01L 27/142
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