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Printing is effected with a hot melt type ink comprised of coloring material and a vehicle therefor and having a resistivity within the range of about 10.sup.6 to about 10.sup.11 ohm-centimeters and a viscosity in a range with an upper limit of about 50 centipoises when in a liquid phase. To that end, a stream of ink drops are drawn across and deflected in a span between an ink supply and a carrier for impingement thereon. The vehicle of the ink is comprised of at least one compound which is solid at room temperature, and has the general formula:in which each R and R' is an alkyl group containing from one to 12 carbon atoms.

Electrostatic printing composition comprising didodecyl sebacate
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August 28, 1969
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April 4, 1972
Corpron Gary P
Berry James M
Teletype Corporation
C09d 13/00
C09d 11/00
C09D 11/00
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