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Molded effervescent triturate tablets or tablets formed by molding or compressing which have a matrix free of water insoluble polymers are contacted with a volatile organic solvent in which one or more materials comprising the tablet are at least partially soluble. The volatile solvent is removed causing the organic solvent solubilized material to be redeposited in situ. This causes an increase in the hardness and a decrease in the friability characteristics of the tablet. The tablet matrix can contain an edible acid, an edible acid coupled with a carbonate, sweeteners including the water soluble synthetic type, flavoring agents, medicinal ingredients, and detergents.

Production of tablets
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March 20, 1970
Publication Date
April 4, 1972
Schmitt William H
Alberto Culver Company
A61k 11/02
A61k 09/00
A23l 01/26
A61K 09/46
A23L 02/40
A23L 02/395
A23L 02/385
A23L 01/00
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