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Molded packaging tray nestable with like tray comprises plurality of interconnected elongate container sections. Each container section has bottom wall with upwardly and outwardly flaring side and end walls connected thereto. Outwardly extending marginal rim is at top of side and end walls of each section. Weakened tear lines along selected portions of marginal rims in area where container sections are connected together enable individual container sections to be separated from one another. Trays are arranged for stacking one above the other with alternate trays oriented differently from adjacent ones. Marginal rims of each tray support bottom walls of container sections of tray directly thereabove in stack.

Molded packaging tray
Application Number
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April 1, 1970
Publication Date
March 28, 1972
Chadbourne Gilbert R
Keyes Fibre Company
B65d 01/34
B65d 21/04
B65D 21/04
B65D 01/30
B65D 01/22
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