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Catalyzed emulsions of a water phase dispersed in a continuous phase of a polymerizable vinyl ester resin containing a copolymerizable monomer are prepared and applied to a soil or aggregate surface. The emulsion is then allowed to cure to a hard cross-linked resin having entrapped therein dispersed droplets of the water phase. The emulsions cure readily at ambient temperatures and may be formulated to cure in as short a time as a few minutes. The resulting cured emulsion-soil (or aggregate) surface is impermeable to liquids, resistant to corrosion and weathering and provides a load bearing surface.

Stabilization of soil with water-in-vinyl ester resin emulsions
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August 26, 1970
Publication Date
March 28, 1972
Nimerick Kenneth H
Bennett Garry A
Parks Christ F
Najvar Daniel J
The Dow Chemical Company
E02d 03/14
C08g 45/14
C09K 17/20
C09K 17/14
C08F 299/00
C08F 299/02
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C08G 59/14
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