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A method and apparatus for accurately dispensing nonuniform viscous food products having both liquid and solid components into successive containers wherein, initially, a manually adjustable filler dispenses approximately one-half of the desired weight of solid product into said containers, next, an automatically adjustable filler dispenses the remaining quantity of solid product into said containers to fill said containers to within a desired solid product weight range, and, finally, a weighing scale senses the total solid product weight and regulates a trim filler to dispense a final increment of liquid product, if needed, to fill said containers to within a desired total product weight range. Also, the weighing scale sends voltage signals representing the sensed solid product weights of said containers, i.e., either overweight, on-weight or underweight containers, to a trend control mechanism which, for each detected and accumulatively summed underweight or overweight signal in excess of a preselected number of accumulatively summed overweight or underweight signals, initiates the operation of a reversible stepping motor which automatically adjusts the automatic filler to dispense the correct weight of solid product. Further, a vertically reciprocable detached section of a cam track located adjacent to the weighing scale is precisely operable to move through preselected rates of acceleration and deceleration to control the placement of successive containers on and off the weighing scale in order to accomplish a high-speed weight control operation compatible with the requirements of a high-speed filling operation.

Method and apparatus for accurately dispensing viscous products into successive containers
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April 23, 1970
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March 14, 1972
Johnson Donald Owen
Hofschild Clewell Stephen
French Harlan Sumner
Croasdale William Herbert
American Can Company
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