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A method of applying a vertebral appliance for use in bridging one or more diseased or damaged vertebra that comprises a pair of elongate flexible multiapertured together with fasteners used to clamp same on opposite sides of the spinous processes thus spanned. Each strap is of a length adapted to span at least two spinous processes and project therebeyond on each end so that fasteners can be passed both behind and in front thereof as well as through the interspinous gap therebetween. The apertures are located considerably closer together than adjacent processes and they are fastened to the latter in position such that at least one opening registers with each one to receive a growth of soft or bony tissue that eventually extrudes therein.

Method of applying vertebral appliance
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February 24, 1970
Publication Date
March 14, 1972
Brasmer Timothy H
Lumb William V
Colorado State University Research Foundation
A61f 05/04
A61B 17/70
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