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An apparatus for freezing nucleus-containing cells and other biological materials comprising a refrigerant vessel connected to a freezing chamber and furnished with a forced-feed system for refrigerant delivery to the freezing chamber. In the apparatus, provision is made for a regulator coupled to a temperature transmitter, which is disposed in the freezing chamber, and also to the refrigerant forced-feed system.The apparatus makes it possible to completely automate the entire freezing process and further permits the programming of freezing processes to be made without accounting for the critical temperature range in which there occurs maximum deterioration of nucleus-containing cells. The apparatus provides for the optimum freezing rate while the biological materials being frozen traverse the critical temperature zone.

Apparatus for freezing nucleus-containing cells and other biological materials
Application Number
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July 29, 1969
Publication Date
March 14, 1972
Badalov Petr Mikhailovich
Bakuradze Georgy Valeryanovich
Oganov Sergei Ivanovich
Kakhiani Shalva Viktorovich
Makhatadze Iosif Konstantinovich
Rokva Marlen Mikhailovich
Mgebrishvili Nadar Nikolaevich
Kiselev Anatoly Efimovich
F25b 49/00
G05D 23/19
F25D 29/00
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