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A stapler device is described which can house a magazine containing surgical staples or clips for closing an open wound. Preferably the magazine will be disposable. The stapler device has two complementally formed jaws which have flanges thereon for enabling such jaws to be connected together so as to be pivotable about a common axis. A set of lever arms are joined at one end thereof to the two jaws, and at the other end to the magazine containing the surgical staples. These lever arms function to convert pivotal movement of the jaws about the common axis to reciprocal and preferably substantially linear movement of the magazine relative to the stapler device. This reciprocal movement of the magazine enables one surgical staple to be advanced at a time preparatory to application to the open wound. Receding of the magazine enables the staple-applying nose portion of the jaws to come substantially together to effect closing of the surgical staple as it is applied to the wound. A scissors-type spring can be provided, if desired, on the jaws to return the same to a neutral rest position, automatically. If this return spring is omitted, two positive squeezing actions are required, one to apply the surgical staple, and the other to open the jaws apart and advance the magazine forwardly to dispense the next surgical staple in readiness for application thereof to the wound. Either way, complete control over the operation of the stapler device remains with the person who is holding such device in his hand.

Stapler device
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December 9, 1969
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March 7, 1972
Caroli Italo
B21d 09/08
A61B 17/68
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