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An information card of the magnetic-type in which card information is magnetically recorded. The card comprises a base sheet made of a thermoplastic material having a desired rectangular shape and a thickness enough to give the card required mechanical strength, and a magnetic sheet consisting of a support layer of the same thermoplastic material as the material of the card base and a magnetizable layer formed on one surface of the support layer. The magnetizable layer may be covered with a protective coating. The magnetic sheet and the card base are put together with the other surface of the support layer being in contact with one surface of the card base. The card base and the magnetic sheet are then heated and compressed so that the contacting portions of the material of the card base and the support layer of the magnetic sheet are fused together to produce a card of unitary construction. The exposed surface of the card base may be provided with symbols printed thereon expressing necessary information, and this surface may be covered by a transparent coating for protection of the printed information.

Information card
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December 11, 1969
Publication Date
February 22, 1972
Fukushima Kiyotaka
Nagata Masanori
Omron Tateisi Electronics Co
G06k 19/02
G06K 19/06
B32B 27/00
B42D 15/10
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