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A storage rack for culture tubes or similar tubular articles is vacuum-formed from a plastic material, such as polypropylene and comprises two separably connected elements, one being a boxlike member with upstanding peripheral walls and a floor having a plurality of wells in which to receive the lower end of culture tubes or such articles and restrain them against lateral displacement and which also are provided with bottom drain openings for discharge of condensation. The other separably connected element which is in the form of a cover, or toppiece, separably attachable to the upper margin of the upstanding peripheral walls, has vertical, tube-receiving apertures with depending guide sleeves which are coaxial with the wells and which aid in initial placement of such tubes or articles in the rack.

Tube storage rack
Application Number
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June 12, 1970
Publication Date
February 22, 1972
Simms Robert J
Ramm Duane E
Mander Robert J
Owens Illinois
A47b 73/00
B65D 25/10
B01L 09/06
B01L 09/00
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