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A laser surgical device that utilizes a continuous wave laser that has a wavelength such that the laser beam when focused at the surface of the tissue or point of contact is nearly totally absorbed at the surface to thereby allow the device to function as a cutting instrument without having adverse effects upon other portions of the body or tissues that are beneath the surface. The laser is mounted for movement so that a physician can manually manipulate the laser beam in a back and forth motion to make an opening of desired depth. The laser also has controls for controlling the length of time the laser is on and the power that is supplied to the laser.

Continuous wave laser surgical device
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August 12, 1969
Publication Date
February 15, 1972
Rust Charles M
Hutcheson Jr Guilford J
Ehrlich John J
Roberts Thomas G
A61m 05/01
H01S 03/02
H01S 03/03
B23K 26/10
A61B 18/20
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