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This invention relates to a directive tap for tapping off a portion of a signal strength such as a television signal from a main cable transmission line. The tap of the invention has an improved directivity over a substantial bandwidth which is achieved by providing an electrostatic shield between the input and output levels of the tap on a tap circuit that has a directivity of at least 15 decibels over a range of at least 150 megahertz. The improved directivity is preferably achieved by constructional features of the current and voltage sensing transformers of the unit which includes a winding hole in the core of at least one-hundred-twenty-five thousandths of an inch to provide extra spacing for the windings and the use of a single turn winding on each core that is tightly pulled through the core to accurately and predictably locate the winding with respect to the core.

Directional communication signal tap
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January 22, 1970
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February 8, 1972
Thomas John E
Crowhurst David B
Lindsay Specialty Products
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