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The invention relates to a ligno-cellulosic building board having a nonrepetitive textured surface on at least one side. This side consists of a layer of ligno-cellulosic particles with elevations and depressions, the specific gravity of the particles of the elevations being substantially the same as the specific gravity of the particles in the depressions. The density of the fibers at the surface has therefore been equalized over the entire area of the board. In one form of the invention a layer of coarse particles is used, the sharpness of the edges of the coarse particles being concealed with fine particles.The product is produced by pressing a layer of binder coated ligno-cellulosic particles on a substrate in a hot plate press with a cushion, preferably of silicone rubber, between the hot platen of the press and the layer of particles.

Textured wood panel
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December 19, 1969
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February 1, 1972
Etzold Roland
Vaughan Thomas W
Elmendorf Armin
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